Technology and Conversation!

Hey Actors’ Network peeps…Please know that the Jonathan Handel appearance this past Tuesday, at its core, is what The Actors’ Network has been built on since 1991.

We can have all the technology in the world, from online photos to on demand demos and I love it…because we save trees and time. But at the end of the day it is “how” you use those tools in life, NOT just that they exist.  Actors commonly get caught up in the tools and technology of our profession without realizing that they’re not getting anywhere.   Remember the “frame of a house” is only that…a frame, a structure upon which the rest of the actual “living quarters” are built.  Our community of actors today tends to “think” they have all they need when they go to class, have a photo, are listed on 200 actor websites + one of their own, a Facebook/MySpace page…get the BDs on the black market and go to workshops.

All of those options are just pieces, parts n’ tools.  Yes, important parts, but parts nonetheless. How you put them together, arrange them, the percentage of this versus that in YOUR life and career…is both daunting and confusing…because there is “no right answer” per say.

What ultimately we have…is intelligent person to person CONVERSATION. Conversation with fellow peers, legit experts, and gather more intelligent information…upon which to make intelligent artistic career decisions for ourselves. Conversation, person to person, has immense value. The conversation that took place for the 35 members of TAN Tuesday…was just tremendous. It wasn’t about arguing or fighting it wasn’t about pushing someone’s agenda…it was just about knowledge, contemplation, perspective and education. Please get more involved in the “conversation” we offer at TAN, encourage others to see and experience its value.

We would be nothing without your passion for conversation, and without the willingness of people like Jonathan Handel to come and give his invaluable time/expertise…as well as Vanessa Suarez (from Entertainment Weekly) and Brian Watt (for KPCC who recorded the entire two hours for on-air presentation).

My level best to you always…and have a wonderful Holiday weekend.
Kevin E. & the TAN Team!

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