Slating for Voice Over

When slating for voice over, there are a few basic rules of thumb.  When slating for a commercial, promo, narration, or industrial, just slate your name.  When slating for animation, a video game, or for a partner read, slate your name as well as the role.  There is a big debate about whether you slate in character, and here’s the balance that I’ve found that works for me:  slate in the tone of voice of the character, but not the full energy of the character.  Save the full energy for your audition.

Sometimes your agents will have specific slating requests or protocols, so make sure you follow the directions specifically.  For example, one agency asks that we always slate our name followed by the agency.  Another agency requests that we not slate at all, because the lead agent feels that a slate detracts from the actual audition.

Following directions on administrative stuff like slating helps you to get your audition heard and not deleted.  Save the creativity for the audition itself.  Don’t risk your agent’s assistant or the casting director deleting your audition simply by disregarding administrative requests like slating and file naming protocols.

Anna Vocino

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