Risk Avoid or Risk Manage Your Career

In passing tests to get my insurance licenses, I had to learn the difference between Risk Avoiding and Risk Managing.  The example given was that if a person wanted to ‘Avoid’ being in an auto accident then simply that person never gets in a CAR! If that same person wanted to ‘Manage’ that risk than that person is properly licensed, drives defensively, only rides with good drivers, doesn’t drink & drive, etc.

So, are you risk managing or risk avoiding your career? Let’s say you’ve been told by ‘them’ “Don’t do drop offs or call production offices or approach higher ups in the entertainment biz”. Well, that’s risk avoidance.  The way to risk manage that is to develop a plan of action that has you interacting with the industry areas you want to penetrate.  Over time, you’ll build some relationships and have those breakthroughs you hear about happening to others.

There you have it: a little insurance knowledge applied to our acting careers!

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