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Kevin E. West is the consummate professional. He is one of the most ethical, intelligent, talented, proactive, pro-actor people I’ve ever known. Kevin’s extensive experiences, passion and ability to communicate make him the best person I know to assist actors. Hollywood is a business that has a lot of unspoken and ever-changing rules, leading to a lot of mistakes which cost actors time, money, and emotional strength. To have someone like Kevin on your side to help you get through Los Angeles without having to make all of the same mistakes… is invaluable.

— Lonnie Hammerman, Casting Director (Without a Trace, Monk, Angel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Lifetime Member Alumnus of the Actors’ Network

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Booking a Private Consultation with Kevin E. West


Even Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods go to practice and Al Pacino is still an advocate of going to class. No matter how much you’ve done, believe that you know, or have succeeded at other things in your life and career , pursuing the business aspect of the performance profession can be one of the most daunting efforts anyone can ever attempt. Not only did Kevin build his career out of nothing, he also did it while running an organization, and to do that it requires an intense amount of clarity and focus. Private sessions with Kevin will not only give you the most unique perspective you’ve ever had but it will position your mind and your goals in such a way that you’re far more likely to succeed…than ever before regardless of credits. Kevin is a 25+ year veteran and expert in the area of the business of show business.


Online Members

  • $100 per hour
  • $255 (3-private hour series) – Saves 15%
  • $55 per 1/2 hr.
  • $150 (3-private 1/2 hr. series) – Saves 10%

(Yes, you can do these via Skype, but not recommended.)
(Series MUST BE completed within 60 days of the 1st meeting.)


  • $125 per hour

$320 (3-private hour series) – Saves 15%

  • $60 per 1/2 hr.
  • $160 (3-private 1/2 hr. series) – Saves 10%

(Yes, you can do these via Skype, but no recommended)
(Series MUST BE completed within 60 days of the 1st meeting.)

Skype/Phone Only (Series options 15 min. privates)

  • 15 min. ($25)
  • 30 min. ($50)
  • 60 min. ($100)

(If you are outside the U.S., then Skype is the only option. No phone.)

Email Privates

  • $5 per question (Requires experience/background info to be emailed first.)
  • All first time Privates MUST be paid via PayPal in full within 6 hours of scheduled time/date.
  • If the first time Privates is a “Series” then at least 50% of the Series fee MUST be paid via PayPal within 6 hour of scheduled time/date. (Remaining 50% may be paid at 1st meeting in cash if you so choose.)
  • PayPal email address to “Send Money” is:
  • Checks or credit/debit cards are not accepted.
  • Be advised that ALL International Skype private payments MUST be made in full, via PayPal, and if subjected to an exchange rate then you must ensure the NET payment is equal to the amount chosen.
  • Email The Actors’ Network:
  • We will respond within 3 business days.
  • Subject line should read: Private request.
  • You private requests require at least 2-4 specific days/dates/times that are good for you. (Please do not use the phrase “Any time is good, or any time on this or that day. Please, if that is the case, offer a time frame if not a specific start time you prefer.)
  • State whether you want 30 Min., 60 Min., a Series, email, phone, by the question or Skype from above.
  • Please provide 1-3 bullet points of the subjects you’d like to cover in the private, or the questions.
  • We will reply to confirm that we have received it, we then pass it along to Kevin, and you will receive a reply from him directly choosing one of your requested date/time options.
  • Once Kevin BOOKS your private be sure to reply as a final confirmation. Kevin will request your Cell# just in case he has to contact you due to an emergency the day of the private.
  • Bring any necessary reference materials with you related to what you wish Kevin to address.
  • Be prepared to answer questions about your “recent” actor activity and efforts within the last 24 months.
  • You privates request MUST BE at least 3-5 business days in advance of the date sent. (Kevin does not do privates on a day or two notice.)
  • Cancellations: Must be 24 hours or more. If not, then 15-minutes will be deducted from the private. (If this policy is abused then private requests in the future may not be honored.)
  • Privates are weekdays only M-F. (No weekends or Holidays).
  • While Kevin can be flexible, it is typically advisable to think 10a – 4p, but this is not strict.
  • Kevin can do a Private in West Hollywood or Studio City. (Exact location upon booking.)
  • If you are running late it cuts into your private time. It starts and ends at the time booked.
  • If Kevin is running late then you will absolutely get your full 1/2 or hour time scheduled.

Kevin is more than happy to cover any subject or subjects you desire but here are some ideas for you to consider. Please note that Demo Reel material and Demo editing notes are extremely time consuming!

  • Any and all industry questions and/or scenarios are always welcome.
  • Time management or the organizational aspects of your life.
  • Creating a specific weekly game plan.
  • Creating and the understanding of both TARGET LISTS & MASTER CONTACT LISTS.
  • Analyzing your Life/Actor Time-Pie + organizing your home/office.
  • How to produce your own LIVE Showcase.
  • How to produce Demo Reel material etc.
  • Determining the areas of industry in which you would like to focus.
  • A 5-3-1 goal strategy.
  • How to “say No, be professionally pushy and/or write effective notes.”
  • Reviewing materials: Marketing, Photos, Demo etc.
  • Efficient use of the phone as well as appropriate “Drop Off” protocol.
  • Representation issues and/or questions.
  • Artistic assistance regarding auditions/callbacks or on-set coaching.
  • Actual layout, creation and design of marketing materials.
  • Editing your demo reel, and reviewing material. (This cannot be done ever in less than an hour.)
  • Customizing and perfecting your interview questions / skills.
  • Attacking any aspect of the profession more effectively.

While there are dozens and dozens more the bottom line is that Kevin can cover anything in your mind or your heart in terms of being better prepared to pursue your career… and succeed.

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