Practice builds confidence

In yesterday’s blog, I laid out a typical commercial scenario and let’s assume you have a similar audition experience once a week. So, how are you supposed to improve if you only get a few appointments a month?

Remedy #1: I don’t care what level you are, if you have booked 50 commercials in the past and are not getting callbacks or avails or you have only been auditioning for a year, take a one day commercial class. It will help greatly. There are lots of classes out there, but look for one that is either taught by a current casting director, recommended by your agent or taught by a session runner.

Remedy #2: If you know a session runner, ask him or her if you can sit in on their session for 1/2 of the day at the very least. If you don’t know a session director, ask one and follow up. In the past, I have been asked by actors if they could sit in a session with me and I tell them, to friend me on facebook and send me a message at the beginning of the week reminding me that they want to sit in a session.

NOTE: If I or anyone else asks you to email them as a reminder, YOU are not being a pest, you are fulfilling a request. I will let you know if you are overstepping boundaries, as will everyone else. (although people have their own way of letting you know, some direct, some not so direct, but that is another conversation)

That being said, it is your responsibility to move your career forward, not any one else, not even your agent. As a mentor of mine once said, “As you are deciding to ask for assistance or advice, remember who pays your bills at the end of the month?” Meaning, you do!  So get out of your way and ask for assistance… more on this tomorrow…

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