Pick up the phone!

You have a fancy schmancy cell phone and an even cooler laptop and yet I’m going to guess that you don’t pick up that phone or shoot off an email from that laptop to a big producer whom you deem to be “out of your reach.”  Am I right?  Or, am I right?

Well, here’s the deal.  I was heading out of town to a city that has lots of production companies who produce the kind of shows I’m right to host.  Since I’m the kinda gal who likes to “make hay” wherever she goes, I shot off some last minute emails saying that I was going to be in town and would love to meet them.

Guess what happened?

I actually got the meeting… oh wait, let me be more specific MEETINGS!!!  Plural.  All I did was ask for what I wanted – to meet them and have them meet me.  Granted I had the goods to back up my mumbo jumbo that I wrote in the email, but still all I did was ask for a meeting.  I think nowadays people/production companies are more open to meeting fresh talent than they’ve ever been before because everybody is looking to discover “the next big thing.”  And, that big thing could just be you or me!

So, pick up the phone or shoot off an email the next time you’ve got a hankering to meet somebody… even IF you think they’re out of your league.  Worst that happens is they don’t respond or they say no.  It’s not like you’ll be put on some “don not hire list!”  But, the best case scenario is that you just might be able to pull that meeting right out of the hat!

Oh, and by the way, my Power Buddy did the same thing (she’s an actress) and she scored a HUGE audition for a big ol TV series!!!  She did what her agent didn’t/couldn’t do!  I bet you can do it, too!

In the infamous words of my husband, Marty Metro, “Good luck and be yourself!”

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