Pangs of success

Have you ever wanted success so much that it left you with a pang inside?  And, this is not one of those butterfly pangs you get when you meet a person you really like!  It’s the kind of pang that nags and won’t go away.  An itch that isn’t getting scratched.

So, how do you get that pang or itch to go away?  Know your definition of success!  It’s fairly simply, actually.  Like when you go on a road trip.  You can’t possibly get to where you’re going unless you have a specific destination in mind…. Otherwise, you’re driving around in circles!

As a host, is the definition of success making one’s living as a TV host?  Or, is it being the host of a show you auditioned for?  Maybe it’s doing infomercials?  What if success is selling and hosting a show you created?  Potentially, it’s having your name in the title of a show?

While I know what success means to me, imagine (since the blogging software won’t let me!) that there’s a big blank space here for you to write in what your definition of success is.

Once you know it– create it!

In the infamous words of my husband, Marty Metro, “Good luck and be yourself!”

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