One Small Step Can Change Your LIfe

It’s not often a book comes along that reignites my fire, but it certainly happened with this strong recommendation from a fellow actor named Nathan Patrick Agin.I was having coffee with him a month ago. We were talking about what each of us had been up to and what we were ‘wanting’ to be up to.  He said he’d just read a book that had had an impact on his goal-setting and his overall attitude.  Well, that got my attention and he could see me brighten up some.  It was then that I noticed the little book sitting on the table. He told me to take a look as he had to go to his car and retrieve another item.  The book is called The Kaizen Way written by Robert Maure, Ph.D. He’s an amazing success coach and works with individuals, companies and corporations. On the inside flap it reads “Unleash the potent force of kaizen, the Japanese technique of achieving great and lasting success through small, steady steps.  Whether the goal is as specific as getting more sleep or as broad as meeting the love of your life, kaizen works because it melts away resistance-in particular, the ‘fight-or-flight’ brain chemistry behind people’s underlying fear of change.

Well, let me tell you! I ordered me a copy on, and when it arrived a week later, I read it on a long flight; all 171 pages.  I highly implore you to get this book and let it get you to working more specifically and magically on all you want to accomplish.

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