One simple step…

CLUELESS: I am not talking about the movie, I am talking about a way of being. For the love of God, please act like a professional actor. Let me explain something, have any of you reading this ever worked in the service industry? Do you like it when you are 5 hours into an 8 hour shift and a customer can’t make up his or her mind, changes their order several times…?

Well, that is what it is like when an actor walks into a casting facility and draws a blank about what job they are there to audition for or doesn’t bother to read the signs in front of each studio and expect others to figure it out for them.

I can not emphasize this enough, it all starts with your ATTITUDE, and if you have one, that only works against you. You are a professional actor, act that way, be prepared, be 5-10 minutes early and never make an excuse for anything – ever.

To be direct, no one wants to hear it and no one cares. The only thing we, (the casting associates and casting director) care about is that you come into the room prepared, listen to what we tell you, ask questions if you really don’t understand and most importantly, have fun auditioning.

I get it, we all have those days. So before you get out of your car, slow down, take a deep breath and clear your head. It really does show up in your audition if you are scattered, in a hurry or in a bad mood.

Clueless, works as a movie, but not as a way to make fans in a casting office.

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