No More Summertime Blues!

Wow, where has this year been going? Have you heard that question around town about this time of the year? I’ve heard it alot! We work, play, carouse, dream, set goals and even find time to sleep and rest in this life we’re living. Did I say ‘LIVING’?

I most certainly did because living is where it’s at.  We didn’t come here to build a career as actors simply to exist; we came here to be passionate about our work, goals and accomplishments so we could feel the realness of each of those moments.  If the sentence I just wrote meant nothing to you, than pack your bags and head back to Kansas, Dorothy.  Hey, nothin’ against Kansas. As an Iowa boy I can attest to the fact that  lots of people are  living their passions there as well. 

That’s the whole purpose of this blog: whether you hang out here for years to come or head back to other parts of the world to live, do it with passion.  Do it as a choice and do it because it’s right for you.  I remind myself almost every day that my coming to Hollywood was a BIG choice for me and am making the most of it MOST of the time.  I ocassionally will spend a quiet morning, afternoon or evening or entire day being reflective  and introspective.  That’s okay as it’s my way of reenergizing my purposeful engine of success.  So, go ahead, fire up those pistons and go get ’em.

Taking a pit stop is all part of the game!

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