New SAG year, new committee population

The elections have been had, the votes have been counted, and a new year of work begins for the Screen Actors Guild. If you’re a member of SAG, you can help shape it’s future by serving on any number of committees that help administer and guide various functions the Guild offers for members.

And that includes the committee that I’ve chaired for the last year, SAG’s New Technologies committee

I don’t know yet if I’m going to be given the gift of chairing that committee for another 12 months, but no matter who the chair is, he or she will need the help of TAN/SAG members that are at the very least interested in, if not skilled in, the applications of technology to the performing arts. This can vary from producing web series to understanding Breakdown Services’ ECO-CAST to how VO announcers can take advantage of and

It also includes those of you who like to think about the consequences of the creation, the production, the exhibition and the distribution of content via the Internet. If it concerns you that the major networks are betting the bank on IP delivery (or if you really don’t know what the phrase “IP delivery” means, but want to help in any way that you can), then consider service to the Guild – your fellow members are counting on you to help them make sense of it for themselves.

And if you’re not yet a member of the Guild, you know you can always use new media to become a member – then you can jump on board the committees of your choice, and help shape the future of the organization everyone wants to join.

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