My sugar high after Halloween!

I hope I’m not typing too fast before I crash from all the sugar I’ve had the last few days! You know, those ‘sugar blues’ a few hours after binging on all those sweets.

Sometimes I feel that way when I’ve created a flurry of acting activity to make more breakthroughs, book more meetings, audition for more roles and create industry relationships.  I go like a fiend and then drop exhausted in my tracks! I’m wondering if it’s better to pick one or TWO items to be passionate about and leave the laundry list for just that: The Laundry.

I start feeling guilty if I’ve not crossed all the ‘t’s’ and dotted all the ‘i’s.  Since I read the Kaizen Way by Maurer a couple months ago, I’m doing smaller things toward larger goals and being more focused.  Once again, I’m recommending you grab this little book. Very easy to find on the web for cheap.  The author talks about how we get overwhelmed when we try to bite off more than we can chew. There I go talking about Halloween again.

It’s time to be easier on ourselves and enjoy the holidays ahead, but keep part of our nose on the grindstone. Just make it a specific part of the nose on the inner part of the grindstone!

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