Move Your Career Up That Industry Ladder

It doesn’t take a math whiz to tell us in the acting biz that the top rungs in Hollywood are where we want to be. Now for the math: with over 95,000 SAG actors in L.A. and surrounding area, that would make for a lot weight on those top rungs.

So, how can we move up the ladder and what are ‘you’ doing to grab those rungs? A big thing, of course, is knowing your plan, working your plan and revamping your plan when those rungs appear to be out of reach! By working a plan it must be very specific.  Being specific isn’t “I want to star in motion pictures” or “I’m going to book a lot of commercials this year!”  Being specific is “I’m going to target the top five directors whose work I admire and start building relationship and rapport with them.  Think of the acronym VCP. Visibility, Credibility and Profitability. 

When you begun to target those favorite directors, send them a letter about how a movie they directed moved you.  A month or so later, another letter praising their directing style, etc.  Keep an eye on the trades and look for projects they get attached to.  Research the film and if there’s a role you’re right for, the next letter can be a very direct comment that you love the material and would appreciate the ‘opportunity’ to audition and show what you could do to help in this endeavor.

This won’t work if you don’t like or care for the director or his work. It would work, if the role is so perfect for you that you’d be foolish not to throw your hat in the ring.  What we don’t want is to come on so strong in a first meeting that the director feels uncomfortable or pressured!

So one crueling rung at a time you will reach the top.

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