Meet ‘n Greet

Meetings are GREAT, but it’s all about the follow-up! In the last blog I posted, I talked about how to score meetings with people that perhaps you feel are “out of your league.” First of all, I hope you’ve put the tidbits in action! If you haven’t, give it a shot now — there’s nothing to lose! For those of you who have already found success with scheduling meetings, I’d like to follow up with what you should be doing next… which ironically is: FOLLOWING UP!

To recap: You’ve gotten the meeting. Shown up on time. Impressed them with your wit and ideas. Now what?  Well, before you leave the actual meeting, I recommend sharing an action item you’ll be moving forward with, in the coming days. This way, your contact knows they’ll be hearing from you regarding a specific task/to-do.

Now comes the next big issue — WHEN to follow up!  Figuring out when to follow up is like knowing when to call after a date! You don’t want to call/email THE next day (unless it’s a time sensitive thing, or you’ve discussed that you will) or they may feel suffocated. Give it a few days and then respond. Next, play it cool. It may take them a few days to respond to you. NO biggie. Remember, you’re building a relationship, not having a one-night stand. Make sure to stay on top of the follow-ups because this is what will show them the kind of person/talent you are and will be on set.

The only cautionary advice I can give is to respect their time by being succinct and not needy. Offer to do all of the leg-work necessary for anything you’re discussing. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll build a trusting relationship, for years to come.

In the infamous words of my husband, Marty Metro, “Good luck and be yourself!”

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