Let’s Start At Very Beginning…A Very Good Place To Start

Getting started in voice over can be daunting.  When I first started, I had no idea where to begin.  Since you may be in that same position, allow me to share some links and tips with you to get you pointed in the right direction.

First, research until you can’t help but make a decision to move forward in your pursuit.  Allow for a couple of weeks of focused research. If you are holding off on moving forward due to finances, then wait until you have your financial ducks in a row!  This VO stuff can add up if you are not focused on your plan, goals, and path that you want to take.  Please do not hemorrhage your cash, ‘kay?

Practical stuff to chew on:

Go to www.voiceoverresourceguide.com and peruse every website of every demo producer listed. You will get a feel right away with who resonates with you.  Do you like their website?  Are they rushing to make you a demo without getting to know you?  Do they have a curriculum?  Will they coach, produce, and mentor?  Can you listen to the demos they’ve produced at their website?  If you listen to 10 different demos by 10 different demo producers, I guarantee you’ll start to hear demos you like and don’t like, demos that sound current and top-market, and demos that sound dated and corny.

If you’re starting to really like a few demo producers, go to www.voicebank.net, click Demos & Clients, search talent names of the demos you like, and see who reps them.  You can also Google that talent and examine their sites.  A lot of great coaches will advise talent on their BRAND and where to focus in the marketplace.  In a glutted market such as the global “voice over talent pool,” branding and specific market focus will serve you well.

Next time:  identifying where you stand and determining your next step…

Anna Vocino

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