Learn To Live Lean

In an earlier post, I discussed the work we do to support ourselves while we ‘work’ to get more acting jobs. It’s not uncommon that that second or ‘B’ job starts workin’ pretty good for you.  Oh oh! “Danger, Will Robinson”.  What’s the danger? It is simply this: if that second job starts paying you quite a bit of money and you then lease the expensive car and upgrade your living arrangements and start living ‘high off the hog’, you’ve just become a slave to your work.  What happened to that goal of being more available for auditions, meetings, drop offs, etc.?

Now, there’s nothing wrong with having a good set of wheels to get you ’round this crazy town, but instead of leasing, why not buy a well-conditioned older-model car that you’ll own in a few years. With proper maintenance that car can last many, many years.  As for living arrangements, try to play that close to the vest as well.  It’s much better to have a place you’re comfortable with in an area you like that you can afford than be tempted to have that larger house or apartment in THE neighborhood that requires too much of your monthly earnings.  We’ve got to travel light in this career.  The late great actor Vincent Gardenia was once asked, “Why are you and your wife living in the same small apartment in NY for the past 39 years?” His reply was simply ” . . because I don’t know when I’ll get my next acting job.”

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