Lead, Follow or Get The Hell Out of The Way!

I didn’t coin the expression that I titled this post with, but I’ve heard it said lots during my lifetime.  There are times when you’ve been cast in a project and you need to follow as the director brings your performance to a fine pitch. I know, sometimes you’re not blessed with that kind of director, but you still do the best you can.  Now, when you’re not in the midst of a project being shot, then you’re leading the charge to get those jobs aren’t you?I don’t see your hand shooting straight up in the air! You are the point person in your career, are you not? It’s not your agent, your manager, your significant other or the world at large.  That’s why The Actors’ Network is such a great element to have on your team.  I hear actors saying things like, “Man, things have really been slow commercially the past year and a half. What with the financial markets and the auto industry struggling.” Or how about this: “I just can’t get into those auditions for those big feature films; I sure wish I could crack into that part of the biz.”

The fact is that those actors that have ‘cracked’ that part of the biz did it through very focused marketing strategies and firm discipline.  Famous golfer Ben Hogan once replied to a fan who didn’t think Hogan heard the fan say under his breath “Lucky Shot” when Hogan hit out of trouble and reached the green in a major tournanment. Hogan turned on the guy and curtly replied “The more I practice, the luckier I get!”  That shut the fan up.  We need to shut up those negative thoughts and friends, family and associates who are always harping about how tough the entertainment biz is.

Hellooooo! we knew that going in to this crazy industry.  Now just plan your work and work your plan and you’ll be accepting those awards before you know it!

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