Choosing to cease the pursuit of a ‘working actor’ career is NOT quitting as an actor. It is simply choosing pure art and joy, over the potential multi-purpose of art and commerce.

Yes, memorization is important for Film and Television performers, and anyone who tells you it doesn’t matter…is lying. BUT, there still has to be a clear vision behind it, or it still matters not.

About 90% of managers today, function just like agents, without the state bond. They’re just submitting you, illegally I might add, off of the breakdowns…so don’t expect much more from them.

If you want your creativity to help you as an actor, then spend 100% of your time on the creation itself, because the actor part of it, you already know.

If you find yourself becoming resentful or can feel anger building when heading to an audition, or dealing with organization or the pursuit, then by all means, just stop.

In a Theatrical audition it is almost imperative that you’re able to walk in, find your body position, and be totally relaxed and ready…in about 5 seconds. Those who do this are more successful.