Its the people you want to meet, not the shows

One of the biggest mental shifts I have made in my career when it comes to self marketing is switching my focus from the show to the actual person I am trying to meet.

It wasn’t anything overly dynamic, but the actual act of it was very powerful.  Instead of reading all about the show, its ratings, its timeslot and a bunch of other stuff that is more analytical, I switched my perspective to the people who were a part of stuff that I wanted to be doing.

For example, say you like a show that is currently on TV.  Go ahead, I will give you a second to think about it.  Great.  You want on that show so badly, right?  Great! So you start to target the show.  You mail, you drop off and your reps pitch you when you are right.  It’s a goal.  Well, what happens when the big suits decide to cancel that show?  There goes all that work trying to get on that show.  Now what?  I mean you studied that show big time.  You knew everything about it.  Now it’s gone.

Now, imagine that same scenario, but instead of the show, focus on the people who cast it, write it, produce it.  You now spend time learning about a person and their personal likes, wants, successes, failures, etc…you want to meet that person so you can be a part of what they do.  Since they happen to cast a show that you like that is even better.  You mail, drop off, get pitched to that person/office and then the show goes away.  Now, here is the shift….the person doesn’t.  You can still work to build a relationship with that person because as you know they will cast, write, produce or direct another show in the near future and chances are good it will be in the same genre as the previous one.
Remember, it’s a people business we are in.  Focus on meeting them.  Building relationships with them.  The work, on their shows, will come.

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