It’s not about you (Mailing to CD’s)

When you are marketing yourself (i.e. NOT SELLING – see earlier blog), but marketing yourself, remember that it is NOT and I repeat NOT about you!  

I know, that as actors we have tons of stuff to say about ourselves and honestly outside of you, your closest friends and maybe your parents, no one cares.  Okay, maybe that is harsh, I am sure people care, but that is not the point.

Who are the best marketing / branding companies in the world?  Apple?  Nike?  Corona? Dos Equis?  I can name a million that come to mind.  What is the one thing that their “marketing” does?  It creates a feeling in YOU the buyer, not the other way around.   When mailing, in this case to casting, take it off of you and put it on them.  Tell them what you know about them, how you like what they do, their shows and express a GENUINE interest in meeting and reading for that CD.  Why?  Think about it for a second.  If I CD gets 1000 pieces of mail a day and out of those 99% of them are…

“Hey, I booked something”

“Im in a show”

“I have something running”




and just 1% of letters and mailings to them are …

“Hey, YOU did a great job on that episode”

“Congrats on YOUR emmy nomination”

Which one of those might get a second look?   In a sea of letters and postcards, based on my experience, the latter works.

Remember when companies advertise, it is not about THEM!  Yes, the commercial, ad, billboard, etc is their logo and etc, but it is not there to  make you rush to the store that moment,  but instead it is there to create a feeling or attachment, understanding, comfort and like with that image.  It is there to make you feel something positive when think about them.   Then when you are ready to buy (i.e. casting is ready to buy your type), it’s amazing to see them find you in a sea of submissions based on something that they just can’t explain.

Try it for a few months.  See how it feels.

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