It’s just a little white lie…

How many times have you told a little fib?  Often, right?  We all do.  Things like:  Sure I read that book; I weigh exactly what it says on my driver’s license; I’m comfortable swimming; I’m completely proficient in using a teleprompter.

Talent lies because talent wants to work!  Some lies seem easy to forgive (especially if you don’t get caught) like learning how to use a teleprompter on-set.

Naturally, if a show you’re audition for is called Swimming with Sharks (and you really want to be the host) but aren’t a strong swimmer, you’re incented to lie to get the job, right?  It’s practically entrapment!  Here’s the deal, you think your little swimming lie is not a big deal and that producers won’t let you die.  Steve Irwin DIDN’T lie and he still died.

So, what do you do when you’ve lied to get a job and then find yourself in hot water because of said lie?  COME CLEAN… and then, CALL YOUR AGENT!

The second you realize you’ve gotten yourself in trouble, tell the truth, so you stop digging the hole. Then, immediately enlist the help of your agent.

Chances are, you’re not the first talent they’ve represented who has lied.  They’re pretty darn good at getting out of tight corners; that’s why they’re agents.  Begin by apologizing for misrepresenting yourself, explain your lie and above all do not assign blame to anybody other than yourself or you won’t likely get the help you need.  You do realize that your lie is a reflection on your agent, don’t you?  They have every right to be pissed!  They’ll get over it if you handle it in a classy way.

Final thought, just don’t lie.  It’s not worth tarnishing your otherwise good name for one silly job.  Hot water is only great for tea.

In the infamous words of my husband, Marty Metro, “Good luck and be yourself!”

Tracy Metro is a TV host who has worked for Fine Living, TLC, Discovery, Disney, Sony, Mark Burnett, et al hosting shows about cooking, DIY, shopping, eco-lifestyle, et al subjects.  To learn more about her (because now you’re intrigued), go to

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