Interview with Brandon Martinez- Head of the New Media Department at Abrams Artists Agency (Pt. 1)

Brandon Martinez is the head of the New Media Department at Abrams Artists Agency,  a top 10 bi-coastal talent & literary agency.

AND he happens to be my New Media agent and he kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to answer some questions for me… and you…

His clients include Brett Register (The Crew, Craig & The Werewolf), Jack Ferry & Melissa Schneider (Written Off), Bernie Su (Compulsions), and Scotty Iseri (Scotty Got An Office Job).  Martinez has led his creators to groundbreaking deals with Digital Broadcast Group, Babelgum, Sony Online Entertainment, and BBC Worldwide.

Mr. Martinez is also an avid proponent of the new media space.  He was selected as an inaugural member of the International Academy of Web Television, which is the voting body for the annual Streamy Awards.  He is also a member of the Open Entertainment Alliance, a group formed to educate and influence on digital issues.

1. Have any of your webshows you feel like pitching that are fun for
people to watch?

Right now, I’m loving everything that Reckless Tortuga does
(  Expect big things from those guys over
the next year.

2. What are your recommendations for the best events to attend for new
media info/ networking?

Tubefilter holds some great meetups that many execs, agents, managers,
and other content creators attend.  Festivals geared towards independent
tv, like ITVFest and New York Television Festival, are also doing a
great job of inviting online creators.

3. What’s your favorite part of working in New Media?

The “new” in New Media is constantly changing.  Everyday, I come across
interesting projects, creators, and new opportunities that weren’t
available or even conceived of a few days before.

4. Why are you so passionate about your job?

I have incredible clients that are literally changing the face of

5. Any advice for young actors and/or filmmakers with how to get into
the Web Series World?

Just do it!  There is no longer a barrier with the decreasing cost of
equipment and availability of talent.  Don’t make excuses.  Just make

To be continued…

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