How To Handle “How Old Are You?”: part 2

So they’ve asked you the “age” question and you’ve given them a fun, pithy answer (like the ones we discussed in part 1 of this post)…

…but they don’t let the subject drop.

Instead they say:  “No, really, how old are you, really.  Like, ‘for real-zies’?”

How do you respond then?  I have a suggestion.

In fact, it’s one of my all-time favorite responses to use whenever you feel cornered by a question or you think that a conversation is dancing around a deeper issue.

Ask them:

“What’s your concern?”

Asking that question gives the person three choices: keep pressing you, change the subject entirely, or get to the heart of the matter.

Also, asking that question indicates that you are totally prepared to – and would prefer to – have a clear, mature, professional conversation, about this or any other matter.

But I cannot emphasize enough that you MUST use an even, lighthearted tone.  If you sound even the slightest bit challenging or defensive or bitchy, the question looses it’s power.

“So, you look fantastic but… how old are you?”

“Oh, I have the ambition and energy of a college freshman but I’m much smarter.”

“Honestly though, what’s your age?”

“What’s your concern?”

(worst case scenario:)

“I simply have to know the age of each of my clients.”

“And if you didn’t, what would be your concern?  What would worry you?”

And hey, if they don’t want to go there with you, they just won’t. Then it’s time for you to make a choice about how (or if) to proceed with them.

That said, I want to say that there are PLENTY of 100% legitimate reasons why a casting director, agent, manager, etc. would want to know your age.  It’s not a superfluous question at all.

The truth is though, if you can get them to tell you their concerns, you can thoroughly address every single one of their issues without needing to say your actual number.  But, if you just tell them your age, then they will evaluate it without getting any additional input from you! You won’t know what they are thinking about it nor will you be able to offer any info that might change their perspective.

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