Hey, that guy booked my commercial – part1

I was thinking about a lot of misconceptions that other actors have about session runners who also act and that they have a perceived “unfair advantage” when it comes to booking jobs over other actors. Here are a few of the myths about working in casting as an actor.

Myth #1 – The session runner can just put him or herself on camera for the job they are working.

FACT #1 – Not all casting directors will let you audition for the job that you are working and if they do, they usually have you be one of the first ones to audition so you don’t have the advantage of watching people audition all day.

Myth #2 – Session runners can just “book the job” by getting on tape.

FACT #2 – As explained above, even when the session runner gets to audition, there is no guarantee that he/she will get a call back or  have a better chance at booking the job.

Myth #3 – even if the session runner never auditioned for the job, by just working the call back they could book the job.

FACT #3 – Yes, this could happen, but it is more the exception than the rule. Out of the 10 years I have run casting sessions and callbacks, I have never booked a job, just because I was in the room. I do know of 1 person who booked the job because he ran the callback.

Myth #4 – When you audition with a session runner at a callback (and he/she is not running camera and just auditioning) and you walk in the room, for a group explanation, or are paired with him/her and the director knows them and talks only to him/her, they will probably book the job.

FACT #4 – When a director talks to an actor who happens to run casting sessions or even talks to an actor he or she knows and no other actor in the room, all it means is the director is talking to them. It does not mean they have a better chance of booking the job than you do, the director is just being friendly. That is it, nothing more.

In part II I will continue with more myth vs. fact …

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