Hey, that guy booked my commercial! Part II (or casting myth’s-part II)

After  my last post, I worked two solid weeks in casting and got a lot more material for this blog… The one thing I can assure you is not a myth, is that working in casting does get you more opportunities to audition, by sheer proximity to auditions and casting directors. The saying, “Out of sight, out of mind.” Could not be more accurate when it comes to casting directors. That being said, leads me to…

Myth #5: Session runners book more jobs than other actors.

FACT #5: Not true. Even though there are some S.R.’s that you see a lot in commercials there are just as many who don’t book a ton of commercials. Also, there are people out there that don’t work in casting and have had a lot of success and work consistently. (That’s a topic for another post.)

Myth #6: I booked a job with casting director “X” and now they don’t bring me in.

FACT #6: Yes, you booked a job. No, that is not the reason for you not getting more auditions with casting director “X”. It is just a coincidence.

Myth #7: I need to wear the same outfit to a callback that I wore to a first call.

FACT #7: Not true. I hear ad agency people in callbacks ask, why are they wearing the same clothes they wore the first time? It is more about coming in with the same look, if you wore a shirt and tie, it doesn’t matter if you wear a different color shirt or tie.  YOUR WARDROBE DID NOT GET YOU A CALLBACK, YOUR FACE (LOOK) AND/OR YOUR PERFORMANCE GOT YOU A CALLBACK.

Next post will be about: Gifts…

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