Have Quarters, Will Audition

Commercial casting happens all over town.  You can have auditions in Santa Monica, the Valley, East LA—all in one day, if you are really lucky.  But no matter where the audition is, I can pretty much guarantee that parking will be an issue.  When I first moved to town I learned the hard way the trials, tribulations and tricks of parking on LA city streets.   So here are a few of those lessons.

First, go to the bank, get a roll of quarters and keep it in your car at all times.  This simple prep will come in very handy when you are late for that audition, aren’t sure how long the session is going to take (you never are until you get there), and get lucky enough to find an open meter.  Pump those quarters in, don’t be stingy.  I used to hedge my bets, underestimate the amount of time the audition might take, put in fewer coins. Didn’t want to waste money, right?  It is so not a waste.  First, it relieves you of the stress of worrying about a parking ticket when you should be focused on your audition.  Second, it is so much cheaper than a parking ticket.  Or ten. 

Here are a few Santa Monica parking hints:  for any casting call near the Third Street Promenade (ie 321 Casting, 5th Street Studios), park in the Public Parking Structures on 4th Street.  These structures give two hours free and will save you the headache of looking for something on the street.  

 If you are going to one of the offices on Ocean Park Blvd (Sessions West or Ocean Park Casting), try entering from the Pearl Street side via 26th Street.  If your audition is after 2pm you can park on 26th—lots of open spaces, no meters.  If the casting call is between the hours of 10am and 2pm (no parking on 26th Street allowed during those hours), I still prefer to park on Pearl and then walk down 26th to enter through the back door.  Saves the hunt on Ocean Park Blvd.

Good luck out there.                                               

Lilas Lane

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