Getting comfortable in front of a mic.

So you wanna loop, but you aren’t comfortable in front of a mic. Or you want some practice. What can you do? I have a few thoughts…

Improv is one of the BEST things a looper can have in their back pocket. You will be asked to get “up” and watch the screen in front of you while you talk. It’s no different than on camera EXCEPT you need to remember the mic is in FRONT of you AND don’t make ANY noise except your voice (no jewelry smacking or clothing friction noise please). Many times if it’s a “specific cue” (the actor’s mouth is seen ON camera and has specific dialogue…example…”Here’s your change sir”) the dialogue will be written out for you. Other times it’s not and you will literally make up the entire conversation.

Watch TV with the sound off and practice putting dialogue in the actor’s mouths you see walk by, etc.  Sometimes these actors will be “on camera” (you SEE their mouths move) and other times they will just be passing by the principal actors or sitting in the background.

Another thing you can practice is changing up your voice. You will need to sound like MANY different REAL people (no cartoonish characters unless you are voicing a TV in the background). If you have access to a mic, record yourself and practice saying the same thing different ways. Listen to other people and try to match their voice cadence and sound. Try to mimic what you hear. If you think you can match a celebrity all the better….make note of it so you can say you could voice match them if the opportunity comes up. Dialects and accents are also fun but remember to keep it real.

Taking a class is also a great way to get comfortable in front of a mic. If you’ve never taken a voice class, any intro level will do. I also think an improv class is a great idea for ANY actor. Ask your fellow actor friends and look around town for the best one for YOU. Have fun & practice, practice practice!!!!!

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