Fist Fight With Time

Wow, did I just barely come out on top in a fight I just had! The battle royale was with Time Control.  I got to tell you, TC had me on the ropes for a couple weeks.  Here’s what happened: I had set a couple of important acting goals/challenges to accomplish before August 1st.  Well, darn if some other pressing issues reared their ugly heads and inserted themselves into my calendar.That did it, and the fight was on.  TC started circling around me taking quick swipes at me punching away and keeping me from those goals. I got sucked in and retaliated and the fight was really on.  The fight was so furious and I took TC straight to the cleaners. Only problem was my focusing on those ‘other’ pressing issues kept me from completing that important goal. Has this happened to you? You know, you’ve got these great intentions and things keep getting in the way.  I believe it’s other name is ‘LIFE’. 

The way I look at it, it will be a continual fist fight with our being the master of Time Control and not the other way round.  Take a look at what you’ve  set out to do this month and after and block out calendar time to scrap it up a little when ‘life’ puts on its gloves. And while you have those gloves on, corner some of those goals and punch them into submission!

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