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When was the last time you turned on the TV and saw Jillian help an obese person lose weight, Emeril whip up a meal in 30 minutes or Ryan report on the goings-on of a celeb?  If you’re anything like me, it was probably just a few minutes ago.

How is it that I can use the first names of these three people and you know exactly about whom I’m talking?  It’s because they’re each a specific brand!

Jillian is “health”

Emeril is “food”

Ryan is “entertainment”

How does this tie into your hosting career?  I’ll ask you this, who are YOU?  How do you identify?  What sets you apart from the masses?  Before you answer that, you should be pointing the finger in my direction and asking,  “who are YOU, Tracy Metro?  What’s your brand, Ms. “expert” TV host blogger?”  Oh, don’t I know it, girl.  Don’t I know it!

I’ve struggled with being specific about who I am and frankly, it’s cost me work.  I’m what is known in the hosting world as a multi-hyphenate.  Sounds sexy, huh?  Trust me, it’s NOT.  I find that I fall between the cracks because I’m not a certified personal trainer like Jillian, though fitness has been a part of my life for 20+ years… I’m not an accredited chef like Emeril but I’ve been cooking gourmet meals and throwing incredible parties since I was a kid… and I’m not an entertainment reporter like Ryan though I’ve been a reporter and can recite the Pitt-Jolie kid’s names faster than my own nieces and nephew’s!

So, the lesson here is to do as I say, NOT as I do.  OK?  Know who you are and build that brand one brick at a time.  For example, if you want to be known as the most well versed librarian in the US then work at a University library, blog for a public library, acquire encyclopedic knowledge of the history of libraries.  Then, the media will see you as that person.

I’ve always said, “Nobody puts Tracy in a corner!” but the truth of the matter is, if I HAD allowed myself to be put in a box, then perhaps I would be further along in my hosting career… or not.  Who knows?

In the infamous words of my husband, Marty Metro, “Good luck and be yourself!”

Tracy Metro is a TV host who has worked for Fine Living, TLC, Discovery, Disney, Sony, Mark Burnett, et al hosting shows about cooking, DIY, shopping, eco-lifestyle, et al subjects.  To learn more about her (because now you’re intrigued), go to

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