I have touched on this topic before, but just the other day in a casting I heard all the excuses and apologies I have heard in the past. So, just to recap because it is a new year…

I know it is polite to apologize, that is the right thing to do when you may have offended or harmed someone, but apologies are NEVER appropriate in an audition. LET ME REPEAT – NEVER APOLOGIZE BEFORE, DURING OR AFTER AN AUDITION for your performance!!!!!

This is the one time that it is acceptable to be totally selfish and do what you need to have a great audition. Obviously, I am not condoning being rude or ignoring what a casting director tells you. By selfish, I mean taking care of your self and never ask for permission or apologize when you decide to start over. We all love confident people, it’s an attractive quality. Even if you are not feeling confident, pretend, you are an actor and that is your job.

You may apologize if you are late or didn’t bring a head shot, but please do not make any excuses. Just simply state when one of the following occurs…

CASTING DIRECTOR – “Do you have a head shot?”
ACTOR – ” I’m sorry, I didn’t bring a head shot, may I bring one by later today?”

C.D. – “What was your audition time?”
ACTOR – 40 minutes ago. I’m sorry I’m late, is it possible to still audition?”

ACTOR IN THE MIDDLE OF AN AUDITION: “I’m going to start over” (when you stumble on a word).

Use one of these or come up with one of your own. Keep your answer simple. You will sound much more confidant and appear professional by just stating the facts. I know I may be sounding picky or harsh, but no one wants to hear an excuse, (no matter how valid) excuses sound unprofessional. And the best way to gain respect from casting directors is to be straight with them and treat them how you want to be treated.

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