Dorothy you’re not in the 90’s anymore… (Pilots)

So it is November 13th today, and conventional wisdom has it that there is maybe a week or so of legit “busy time” left before we ALL mentally just depart for a flippin’ 5-week stretch.


Dorothy ain’t in Kansas… and it isn’t the 90’s.

People, do not be like everyone else.  Don’t do and think like everyone else… because when you’re an actor “95% of the everyone else” are people who’ve never really worked or really ever began building a career.

Just this past few weeks PILOTS are already popping.  We do not live in a conventional Pilot Season box anymore.  It has been going this way this entire decade, but now, really now more than a year after the Writer’s strike… it is apparent we’ve changed forever.  This is officially a 365 day-a-year profession… and boy… I’m glad for it.

Go ahead disappear for the next 6 weeks, but those actors who are still willing to “show up” for themselves, still willing to push their target list, do regular drop-offs, send Holiday greetings to all their Master Contact people, and research pursue Pilots… are the one’s who will go INTO the New Year… miles ahead of the rest.

Trust me on the sunscreen… and pay attention to why we pack a calendar in Nov/Dec, and why we do the Topicals we do in Nov/Dec and why we do not close the office until the 17th.  Keep pushing, as well as making plans NOW, for what you can do IN BETWEEN Xmas and New Year’s and just after New Year’s.  If you’re not established… this is KEY few weeks to make in roads when offices slow, actors aren’t around as much… and people are in a cheerful mood.

“Successful people do, what unsuccessful people are unwilling to do.”


Kevin E.

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