Do your Homework

“I want to meet XXX”

“I would love to be on XXX show”

“It would be great to have a business relationship with xxx”

Every here these types of comments from your actor friends?  I have.   I will traditionally answer the same way.  “What do you know about them?”  To which, the response is…………(still waiting).

I get it.  You want to be on TV, do movies, get offers.  We all do.   So, you get that target list together and rip off a mailing.  Maybe you even have a plan that is consistent and focused.  All of that is great.  Eventually, what I end up hearing from actors is “I have nothing to say anymore”.  Go back and reread my earlier post titled “It’s not about you” for that answer and then come back and finish this.   Done yet?  Great.

DO YOUR HOMEWORK.  Your job is, when you are done targeting people, to become detectives and find out all you can about them professionally.  You don’t need to overhear at the Coffee Bean that XXX project is being cast or from a friend that they got an audition.  You should be on top of that.  It is your job.   By doing your homework, you will find that producers tend to hire the same casting directors over and over again, since they have a good working relationship.  So, then when you read that a certain project is being produced, you can most likely determine who might cast that and a well timed letter or congratulations card to them BEFORE a breakdown goes out, might land a bit different than when they are in the midst of casting.

Its a little thing, but with casting being so busy and many times overwhelmed by the amount of things they need to do, your homework might be the difference in you getting seen.
Just a thought…

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