Digital killed the networking star!

Yep, you got it, I am indeed referencing the classic song/video “Video Killed the Radio Star” which was the first video ever played by MTV in 1980…commencing the beginning of the end of traditional “free radio.” So today, in 2011, while we have had digital technology as well as digital media worldwide for some time now there is a large difference between “what is possible” versus what is daily and normal. I have been talking to and with my fellow actor on a professional business pursuit level since 5/1/91. In that time I’ve made a thousands of observations, comments, statements…and PREDICTIONS. Virtually all of them, have been purely verbal to a live audience. But from this point forward I’m putting them all in this Blog, and you’re the beneficiary. Here is one of my first on the Blog, so it is dutifully marked in time. Digital is killing the networking star. We LOVE technology, and I do too, but it is finally starting to show how much it is affecting traditional society and social skills in our day to day lives. In addition to that, it has now bled into and take over the mind and mobility of the actor.

We are walking billboards for what we’re selling, our type, body, face, and SO importantly…our vibe/personality. When you remove yourself from the “streets and social settings” as an actor in Hollywood, you’re removing THE MOST powerful tool you have outside of an actual legitimate audition room…your physical presence. I’ve said it since 1991, and will continue to do so, and that is just 2 minutes talking to someone in person is worth 50 blind submissions to them. I love saving the environment, and putting all of the standard tools online such as photos, demo reels, etc. etc., but it is KILLING the concept of the “personal touch” of meeting and talking with a fellow professional that YOU want attention from as an actor, such as, an agent, manager, casting director, producer, director or writer/Showrunner.

It is imperative, and I’m telling you now, imperative that you now lose this in your life. FORCE yourself to get out, and circulate throughout this city beyond the 4-5 static routine locations you visit like your job, your gym, your acting class, your lover’s dwelling and some other hobby locale. Look to some other future blogs I’m writing related to this subject, but trust me when I tell you right now: “Digital technology is removing the ability to know physical addresses and soon it will remove the concept of the legit Breakdowns.”

What are you going to do then? When there isn’t ANYTHING “on the streets” to poach and use…because it is all behind some Firewall on the website of a Studio or Network…only for those “they deem valued” enough to have access.  Then what are you going to do? How are you going to ever “get to” anyone, meet anyone, know where anyone is etc. etc.  You must, and I mean must keep networking, and keep the physical presence part of your career alive…in the face of the Digital world.

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  1. KEW, I remember back in 2000, you were saying that you didn’t want to put everything that the Network had to offer online, because you didn’t want people to stop physically coming INTO the Network… That was back when I lived in Manhattan Beach and really WISHED you’d change your mind about that. Years later, now that all your predictions regarding electronic communications have come true, I see how absolutely right you were. I’ll SEE you soon!

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