Conflicts Available Upon Request

Why don’t we put our commercial credits on our resume? There are a couple of good reasons. 

First, theatrical casting directors don’t care what commercials you have worked on. So listing them on your resume will not help to get you called in for a film or TV show. In fact it could hurt you because it will make you seem a tad green.

Second, what ‘they’ know can hurt you. You do not want to turn off potential employers just because you once did a commercial for one of their rivals. Ok, so you did a national network Toyota commercial five years ago. Yippee! Seems great, right? But seeing that credit on your resume could very well discourage the people at GMC from hiring you today. Not so great. It could even hurt your chances of booking with the same company twice—come on, they like to think they are being new and innovative and mixing things up, too—especially if it is a new ad agency.

Another cool thing about just putting “Conflicts Available Upon Request” under the Commercials heading on your resume is that even if you have never done a commercial . . . well, no one needs to know. It makes it seem like you are experienced. You could have 50 commercials under your belt for all they know.

Lilas Lane

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