Competitive Intelligence isn’t just for spies!

Whenever I read in the trades that Joe Blow will be hosting XYZ show OR when I find out that Jane Blow just got hired for a job that I was up for, I immediately (if not sooner) Google them.  Kinda like before a blind date!

It’s important to know whom the competition is, who represents them, how they present themselves and all the other goodies one can find on the information superhighway.

I prefer not to think of it as cyber-stalking, but more so as information gathering to help better my own career.

It is amazing how inspiring it can be to see other hosts websites.  Is there anything they’re doing that can modeled?  Perhaps the way their demo is edited makes a lot more sense than your own.  What if you’re looking for an attorney and you notice that your “competition” is represented by one of the firms you’ve been considering?  Clearly, that means they understand hosts… perhaps that’s a wise relationship in which to engage?  Your goal should be to gather information in order to better your own career.

Heck, if you’re so inclined, why not reach out to “the competition” and ask them to coffee or to talk on the phone.  In general, I’ve found that “the competition” isn’t really the competition.  We’re all in this together and most people are willing to share thoughts and ideas.  Remember, it’s the concept on which TAN was built!

TAN’s Credo: Help us, help you… help all of us.

In the infamous words of my husband, Marty Metro, “Good luck and be yourself!”

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