Commercial auditioning takes practice…

To be really good at something, even an expert at something, you need to practice. We have all heard that saying. As actors this can be problematic because we don’t always audition consistently on a daily, weekly…or even monthly basis. So, when you get a commercial audition and you have not had one in, well, let’s just say you feel out of practice.

The next day, you get a text message, you confirm with your agent, you can make it tomorrow even though you have to rearrange your work schedule to make it to the other side of town.

It’s the day of your audition, you have the right outfit with you, you leave in time to get to the casting facility a few minutes early. When you arrive, you sign-in, look at the barely legible photo-copy of the story boards, you have one line to say. You say to yourself, “Got it. This is easy, I can do it.” The camera person comes out and has everyone come in for a group explanation. You listen, another actor makes a joke, for the most part it makes sense. You go out into the lobby, wait a few minutes. The camera person calls your name, you go in the room, you look around to remember what you were told to do. You ask the session operator to refresh your memory, he/she gives you the beats of the spot. You slate your name, you hear action, you hit the beats, react, say your line and you hear cut. The camera person tells you “great, let’s do it again, this time slow down and connect more.” You hear “action”, you hit the beats, react, say your line and then the camera person says, “tell me your name again”…

So how are you to feel good about your auditions, when it goes by so fast and you don’t get that many in the first place? I get asked this question often and it is usually preceded by an actor sharing their experience, like the one above. There is no magic, or even easy one answer fits all. In the next few postings I will give you some practical advice on how to “practice” your auditions even if you are not getting a lot of them.

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