Being fit isn’t just to look h-o-t naked!

This is going to sound a bit like I’m a braggart, but I swear there is a point to it all.  OK?

A few weeks ago, I got a last minute phone call to show up in 2 hours for a rehearsal to host an infomercial that I had previously walked away from.  More on that in another post… So, I showed up, flitted around for a bit and killed time until they were done writing the script that was to be delivered less than 12 hours later.  Fine.  It’s showbiz.  That’s how things happen.

On rehearsal day, I left the set around 7pm, had to take care of the personal things a woman takes care of before a shoot such as hair, nails, eyebrows… and was home by 9pm-ish and in bed by 11ish.  Again, fine.  Nothing out of the usual.

Shoot day #1: I was up early at about 6am (normal time) then shot all day and wrapped around 12:30am the next day.  Sure, that’s a long day, but nothing nuts.  I am only droning on and on about the hours because I am trying to prove a point, but before I do, I want to tell you how long shoot day #2 was… 19 HOURS!!!!!!!!!!!!  NO joke… on only 6 hours of sleep.  So, over the course of two days of shooting, I had slept a total of 12 ½ hours and worked a total of 35 ½ hours!  That’s CRAZY!!!!!!!!

Oh, wait.  After I was done with that shoot, I left 2 days later for a 10 day shoot in 105 degree heat where I was performing construction outside for 15+ hours a day.

OK, now I’ll tell you why I’m blogging about this.  If one is not fit as a fiddle, then one cannot handle standing on one’s feet in heels, delivering lines again and again and again, taking direction, not getting pissy and actually doing a good job.  It matters not if you’re a host or an actor.  Being fit is a part of our jobs as on-camera people.

Again, being fit allowed me to survive 15+ hour days.  That’s not to say that it didn’t get to me; however, I will say that if I wasn’t used to stressing my body in the gym, then my body wouldn’t have been as ready for these types of stresses as they were.

Bottom line:  stop reading.  Get on the treadmill, elliptical or simply strap on your sneakers and go for a run.  Whatever you do, stress your body to the max, so that when you’re working long, hard hours, your body doesn’t fail you – but rather, it’s there to support you.  Mine did… and, now I can sleep!

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