Acting is Everything

(The following excerpt is from Acting is Everything – An Actor’s Guidebook For a Successful Career in Los Angeles, by Judy Kerr.)

This is the organization for actors who are really serious about getting work in this industry. I tell all of my students, as do many other action coaches in town, to join. It is the best show biz bargain in existence.

Actors Kevin E. West and Paulo Andrés are making the effort to build a true acting community in our spread-out, industry-driven town. This is not an acting school, it is a group of information-sharing, working actors interested in the business side of their careers. They share trade publications, job leads, resources, tips, scams they’ve run across and general moral support and encouragement.

Their resource library is vast. Most actors could not afford to own all the books and guides here, and they are certainly not available at the public libraries. They teach how to use these resources to make effective submissions for jobs.

The Network invites unpaid industry guests, including casting directors, agents, producers, and acting coaches, to come in each month for Q&A sessions. They have no problem filling in these spots with top people, proof of how respected and well thought of they are in the industry. They have activities such as improv workouts, cold reading work-outs, demo reel review nights. The members sign up for these events. Talking to some of my students, they say the competition is tough to get in; you have to be there to sign up soon after events are announced.

The Actors’ Network offers free orientation meetings three times a month for actors to come in and listen to what they do. It is two hours of what can be overwhelming information.