Are Webisodes Worth Doing?

We, as actors, are inundated with hundreds of ways to forward our careers everyday, especially in Los Angeles. In addition to film and television, we can pursue voice over, hosting, industrials, stand-up, student films, and a host of other venues. Not to mention opportunities at writing, directing, and producing. And being the innovative creatures that we are…we hear about someone being discovered doing improv on a street corner and we add it to our list of worthwhile pursuits.

This is not a bad thing. As artists, we are passionate. We are passionate about our artistic expression and we are equally passionate about finding ways to actually DO our artistic expression. What we need to also practice is being discriminating… taking our time, as the smart and savvy business people we are and actually choosing to pursue things that make sense and are in alignment with our passion.

And those of us, who have been at the Actor’s Network for any amount of time, have learned HOW to do just that. If we desire to be on a half-hour sitcom/feature film star/Disney cartoon character, TAN gives us a multitude of intelligent options to make that end goal a reality.

So… how do webisodes fit into all this? Okay… now get ready… this is exciting… ANYONE pursuing ANY career in the entertainment business can benefit by doing webisodes. Yup. ANYONE.

With the birth of the internet has come an uncharted, unfettered, and unpatrolled area of opportunity. Basically, we can have a field day on the internet. And I need only mention the show about the talking orange to illustrate my point. This is good news for us. Here are some ways to utilize this virtual playground.

  1. Write something.
  2. Shoot something.
  3. Produce something.
  4. Film something.
  5. Film yourself.

… And put it up on the internet.

I know this may illicit some questions from you. Where do I post my videos? What sites are worthwhile? How do I get viewers? How do I jump from the internet to television? Film? How do I make money?

And that, I will be addressing in my next blog. And my next. And my next. Until soon…

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