And the age old question… Can I get an agent doing webisodes?


You can.

I just did.

For a project that I wrote, directed, and produced as a play and then raised money to shoot a 20 minute pilot presentation, an interactive high school reunion with multiple story lines and characters to follow. I have been producing this project, in some form or another for the past few years.

And because of this project, I recently got representation at a very reputable agency. How about that? And this agent wants to sell my project. And I am very happy to help them do that.

So, now I have an agent at a big shiny agency. Well… actually my webisode has an agent at a big shiny agency. Interesting turn of events.

Am I jealous? Maybe a little.

And this agent is getting auditions for my webisode. And I go with my webisode to these auditions and in these auditions,  I am not selling myself for once, but rather my product, which lightens the load a bit, I have to say.

All kidding aside, this is something that I am learning to open to… the possibilities of having a fulfilling career in the entertainment business, not just as an actor, but as a creative being, operating on a multitude of levels. And that success in one area of my career is success in all areas of my career. As my very wonderful and wise acting teacher used to say, “When the tide comes in, all the boats rise.”

Will all this excitement help my acting career? Maybe.

Will it help my career in the entertainment business? Absolutely.

Are they one and the same? I am beginning to think they are.

What am I making a case for? To act. Not just as an actor. But as a creative person who loves creating things. To have a great idea for a show and shoot it. To come up with a funny skit and to write it. To collaborate with some good friends to make something you are all proud of.

Will you win an Oscar this way? Maybe. Maybe not. Will you be happy? Probably.

Will this lead to more experiences that make you happy.

Yes. Yes, for sure.

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