Alumni Success Stories

Since 1991 The Actors’ Network has been dedicated to the assisting performers with business of show business and the intelligent pursuit of their careers. Since that first meeting on 5/1/91 many highly successful actors have passed through our doors. Additionally many actors transitioned into casting, writing, producing, hosting and other areas of the entertainment profession.

With nearly 5000 members and former members it is impossible to list all of the folks who have built successful careers but here are many of our most prominent. Some were with us for a brief period of time, some many years and some are still active members. We are incredibly proud of our Alumni.

Jennifer Marsala

Known for: Taken (TV Series)

Maggie Grace

Known for: Taken, Lost

Christopher Gorham

Known for: Covert Affairs, Ugly Betty

Masi Oka

Known for: Hawaii Five O, Heros

David Meunier

Known for: The Equalizer, Justified

Dorian Frankel (CD)

Known for: Parks and Rec, Superbad

Mark Gantt

Known for: Ocean’s Eleven, Bluff & The Bannen Way

Amir Talai

Known for: Kung Fu Panda, Harold & Kumar

Kurt Ela

Known for: All About Steve, Surviving Jack

Merrin Dungey

Known for: New Pilot 2016 (Big Little Lies-TV Series), Once Upon a Time, King of Queens

David H. Lawrence XVII

Known for: Heroes, Miss Dial

Todd Sherry

Known for: Parks and Rec, Just Go With It

Tamara Braun

Known for: All My Children, Days of Our Lives

Tracy Metro

Known for: The 411, Species II

Race Owen

Known for: American Heiress, The Disciple

Ron Hanks

Known for: Dirt Eaters, Golden California

Ben Whitehair

Known for: Southern Dish, Nashville

Lisa K. Wyatt

Known for: The Office, Legally Blonde

Gibson Frazier

Known for: The Blacklist, Man of the Century

Mandy Sherman (CD)

Known for: Beauty and the Beast, Lost

Chad Brokaw

Known for: Free Ride, Alltel Spokesperson

Oona Mekas

Known for: Boardwalk Empire, Southland

Roxana Ortega

Known for: Larry Crowne, Evan Almighty

Mitchell Fink

Known for: Granite Flats, Zodiac

Tom O’Keefe

Known for: Criminal Minds, Rules of Engagement