All iPhone Apps for Students at Half Off? Wha?

I had to sign yet another online contract today, this time with Apple. They asked if I wanted to offer a 50% off discount on the app I’ve developed to educational purchasers.

I jumped at the opportunity.

I’ve been trying to figure out how to get actors in on discounts for new-media based apps on iPhone, BB, Droid etc, and this seems to be the first step, if only for iPhone users.

In general, new media products tend to be low priced to begin with, if not free. But finding ways to make money with new media is no less difficult with an actual app as it is with that webisode series you’re trying to get off the ground. As part of a generation of users of technology that want and expect everything to cost little or nothing, turning your hat around and producing something with the hopes to make money tastes a bit bitter.

Some times, the currency is exposure, like when you need footage for your reel – you go produce a web series and use some of that. Sometimes, it’s access – you produce a web series, not for the footage, but to get into SAG. But sometimes, you need to pay the mortgage, and for that, you need actual money. That’s why I charge for the things I create – and why you will as well.

But for educational use, especially with new media, I love giving educational discounts.

So remember, even if your not at a university or college, acting classes at accredited schools count as educational, and are due a discount – so get into class, and save some cash with eligible purchases of apps for your iPhone.

Anything I can do to help?

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