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Scott David


Scott David, as of the fall of 2011, is casting Criminal Minds (which is in its 7th season) and several indie films.


  1. Ok, well if its more than ready… let’s just do this. How often does the level of agent or manager truly affect why/when you’ll audition who based on the, size of the role, and if not… why not?
  2. You have personally done thousands of casting workshops over the last decade, so in today’s Hollywood, how would you feel about an actor deciding to list doing a “scene” from a TV show in a workshop… as a credit?
  3. What is your preferred method of an unknown actor approaching you professionally, and how OFTEN would someone using that choice of yours…be “just right” and not too often?
  4. Truth: Between a Network show like Criminal Minds v. a cable show like Leverage, both of which you’ve cast, how much does it affect the level or type of actor you are willing to take a chance on outside of the producer “request list.”
  5. Describe the “perfect” etiquette for an actor when they have an audition with multiple producers/writers/people in the room with them… both before they start, and after they finish.
  6. Now that we’ve gone to 75-85% of all Co-Star, 1-day Guests and Guest star auditions being digitally recorded at the casting office for television have you found that the producers and Network execs kind of “expect” the actor to have the copy totally memorized?
  7. Describe both the pro’s and con’s of the writer, director or producers being in the room to watch an actor’s Guest Star audition as well as both pro/con for the actor?
  8. How often have you chosen to really push to change your producer’s minds about them hiring one actor over another when you feel strongly about it.
  9. If I’m your “bestest friend” (insert a wink), and I seem to take not getting hired as personal rejection constantly… please “talk me off the ledge” not emotionally but from the perspective that who gets cast is a business decision… and not individually personal.
  10. Drop offs, unsolicited by an actor, I know in general casting offices don’t care for… but since we know actors are going to do it Scott… help them be effective by describing their actual actions and behavior to have it be appropriate and really professional.

About the Guru

Scott David, as of the fall of 2011, is casting Criminal Minds (which is in its 7th season) and several indie films. Scott started his casting career back in 1996 and has worked with some of Hollywood’s top casting directors, producers and directors. Scott has built his company and created great relationships with all of the various agencies, agents and managers around town and enjoys meeting all sorts of actors from all sorts of places. Scott is totally open to helping out newer actors and admires their hard work and diligence in pursuing their dreams. Scott has had a very diverse career, casting all types of projects from 99 seat Equity Waiver theater, larger theater, web series, short films, indie films to studio feature films (The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, The Chicago 8, and others). He is especially fond of casting episodic television and pilots. In the summer of 2011 he cast several indie films: The Wine of Summer, Things Never Said, A Chance of Rain, Blind Pass as well as a few short films and a web series. One of his favorite efforts is casting for the Blank Theater Company’s seasonal slate of plays and the Annual Young Playwrights festival, with Artistic Director, Daniel Henning and Noah Wyle. Scott is very proud to be a part of the Casting process and has also begun Producing in various entertainment related projects.