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Paulo Andrés


Paulo Andrés has been a talent manager since early 2002 handling actors across the board from developmental clients to series regulars.


These are the questions to which you’ll hear answers during this video:

  1. Do you require that all your clients have at least a one-minute demo reel? 15:03
  2. Give us a breakdown of how a “typical” Paulo day goes from start to finish as a Manager?
  3. Are you a member of the Talent Mgr’s Assoc.? If yes, why? If no, why?
  4. You were an actor in the 90s and all the way to being a manager now, what is the most significant difference about Pilot season in Hollywood?
  5. In your typical day what do you wish you had more time for, and also able to spend less time on?
  6. What percentage of your clients “Across the board” at their agents? Do you have a preference?
  7. How does a non-star actor get a meeting with you?
  8. If you’re in stark disagreement with a client’s agent regarding any issue, how do you leave it to the client to decide?
  9. Do you engage in conversations with any agents with whom you share a client, about “how the agent should negotiate” for them?
  10. What are the most important 3 things you think an actor should do in their first six months in Hollywood?

About the Guru

Paulo Andrés has been a talent manager since early 2002 handling actors across the board from developmental clients to series regulars. Some of Paulo’s clients include: long time actor Peter Riegert, Shalim Ortiz(HEROES), Marlene Forte (TYLER PERRY’S HOUSE of PAYNE), and Ethan Erickson(Melrose Place). His hugely successful commercial client Chad Brokaw is well known as the loveable “CHAD the Alltel guy”. In June 2004 he formed a partnership with Kurt Patino and opened LINK Talent Group. On May 1, 2008, with great anticipation, they merged with Rachel Rothman to create Rothman/Patino/Andrés Entertainment, expanding their collective company to include production development. Paulo started out as a performer himself, graduating from St. Edward’s University with a degree in Directing followed by a move to Los Angeles. In 1993 he joined The Actors’ Network and committed himself to its growth and expansion. In 1996 his devotion culminated in full partnership where his dedication to each member and his knowledge of the business transformed The Actors’ Network into the leading organization for the working actor that it is today. Paulo’s desire to assist actors in their careers was the passionate catalyst in his transition from actor to personal manager. He currently serves on the Century of Compassion board – an organization dedicated to making our current century the most compassionate and peace filled time in human existence. He speaks across the U.S. on the business of acting. In 2009, he cycled for his third time, 545 miles from San Francisco to L.A. in the annual AIDS Life Cycle fundraiser. He has also run 5 marathons.