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Amber J. Lawson


Amber J. Lawson is a New Media Expert, Innovative online video content development & programming leader, multi-platform evangelist most recently AOL's Head of Video Programming & Originals.


  1. OK here we go. If I have an idea for a show, express to us at this particular moment what type or genre show might find an audience and does it have the same basic branding restrictions as a 1st run studio movie or network show?
  2. In the world of online streaming content do you take in-person pitches from creators/producers or is it purely by submission of digital files only? And if you do, how would a pitch vary from say a Network show?
  3. You are indeed in the business of “funny” and for those people out there watching who wish to create their own funny online show or want to be in one, is there a real difference between comedy created for online streaming versus say Saturday Night Live?
  4. How much should a creator of online comedy consider the type of “product placement or banner ads” that might be associated with their show…when literally writing and creating it?
  5. In the position you now hold, certainly like all other conglomerates you want stars so we want to know if you’re just as “open” to no-name no-history comedy creators for AOL or are you still going to lean towards established stars, like Kevin Pollak?
  6. Can you give us a typical budget, per episode of online content that you purchased at any of the positions you’ve held as an Executive?
  7. You’re been in charge of millions of video streams in the positions you’ve held, so how in the heck does one accomplish that in a day, and how is your day different from the typical Network exec?
  8. One hour dramas have to be writing within a certain format, just as 1/2 hour network comedies do, but do you believe that over time online content will alter the existing format of television, or just evolve in its own way content is presented and viewed?
  9. Yes, everyone wants to know Amber, how in the hell I’m going to get you to watch or view my self-produced webisode series for consideration…so how does that process work for you?
  10. The future Amber. What is your feeling with regards to online “made for new media” content and the Network structure of appointment TV. Do you think that they’ll all eventually merge and just become On-demand or do you think they’ll remain mutually exclusive as “types of entertainment” and forms of delivery?

About the Guru

Amber J. Lawson is a New Media Expert, Innovative online video content development & programming leader, multi-platform evangelist most recently AOL’s Head of Video Programming & Originals. Previously, Amber J led the international comedy business. Prior to that she served as the VP of Programming & SVP of Branded Entertainment at Mania TV and as SVP of Development at National Lampoon. In April 2010 Amber J partnered with Streamy Award-winning Kevin Pollak for his directorial debut of VAMPED OUT, her digital leadership and forward thinking resulted in being nominated for 2010 PGA Top 25 in Digital and accepted the 2011 NATPE Luminary Award. She is the chairman of the membership committee of The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences – Interactive Media Peer Group, Chairman of IAWTV Awards Committee, PGA member, Advisory Board member of ASM and Open Slate Studios. And founder of Transforming the World through Comedy a global multiplatform catalytic philanthropy. Ms. Lawson is the Foursquare Mayor of (and tends to rock down to) Electric Avenue.