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Christopher Gorham


Christopher is a former TAN member and received his first SAG Award Nomination in 2008 as part of the ensemble of Ugly Betty. In 2009 Gorham starred in 3 independent films and in 2010-2011 starred in Covert Affairs, a USA Network series.


  1. Excellent… so If you had to speak to a large group of performers how would you advise or educate them on the necessity of separating out your product as a performer versus who you are as a person… so as to not take the results of Hollywood so personally?
  2. You’re a good-looking guy, you have a terrific disposition, you got an agent from the UCLA showcase… but yet you did join The Actors’ Network right out of college. What is it in your mentality that lead you to that, while most actors would just go “hey I have an agent” I’m set.
  3. You’re such a nice guy, but underneath all that is a serious performer who has to feed his family. I’ve heard you talk a bit about that “waiting room” of actors before going into audition and the shock you have at how “lightly” many folks seem to take it… only minutes away from an important job interview. Expound on that.
  4. I’ve heard you tell a few stories in my time of knowing you, but what is the most significant business decision you feel you have made in your career that would go against your nature as a person or artist but was required because this is a business?
  5. You’ve done major motion pictures, but mostly Television, as I believe you’re on your 8th Series now as a regular. With that said, express to the ABG audience, the biggest and most important professional factor in shooting a feature film or a TV show… if at all?
  6. I don’t actually know how many different managers you’ve had in your career, but since you have both a Manager and an Agent, tell us at what point in your career did you choose to have both and what is the “professional need” your manager serves?
  7. Of course another element of that “team” concept, I know you’ve dealt with is hiring or retaining a publicist so what about that?
  8. The Commercial industry pays actors more than television and it is indeed looked upon by many “serious actors” as something to do to pay bills. Since I don’t think that you had much to do with the Commercial industry tell us why… and if you hadn’t started working so quickly… might you have?
  9. It would be easy to believe that “you’ve got it made” and while yes, you’ve out done 99.99% of the actors in history just by virtue of the statistical income you’ve made… tell me why it is that you still have to work hard on the business of your career in terms of Network executives, perceptions, image and networking.
  10. If you were a senior at UCLA today, what do you think is actually different about the performer’s business plight of getting where you are today for a 22-year old, if any?

About the Guru

Christopher Gorham is a former TAN member and received his first SAG Award Nomination in 2008 as part of the ensemble of Ugly Betty. In 2009 Gorham starred in 3 independent films and from 2010-2011, starred in the USA Network series, Covert Affairs as a blind CIA agent opposite Piper Perabo. Gorham’s credits also include Harper’s Island, as well as Co-Starring with Henry Winkler and Stockard Channing on the CBS sit-com, Out of Practice, which was Executive Produced by Kelsey Grammar. Prior to that he was a series regular on Medical Investigation and played the title role in UPN’s Jake 2.0. He also starred in Odyssey 5 and Popular as well as recurring on Felicity and Party of Five. The keys to his success have always been to work hard and be good at his craft. He started just like everyone else, slowly building his resume. He is a great person to glean information from because he has been able to build his career from Guest Star on a short lived show, to getting fired from a picked up pilot, to starring as the title role, in less than 5 years.