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Allen Martinez


Allen Martinez has directed national commercial campaigns, and was a top 10 finalist on Project Greenlight 2.


  1. In directing features, Allen, are you naturally a “do a lot of coverage” director, are you a minimalist or is it purely based on budget and time?
  2. Do you direct more with informational and instructional type words when speaking to the actor or do you use more emotional words about their characterís disposition?
  3. What you do you like most about directing actors in a Commercial with dialogue?
  4. When you’re directing a commercial, at the end of the day, what percentage of the time do you get your “creative way” versus the clients desire when there is a difference of opinion?
  5. Do you think that an actor who is funny or does a lot of dialogue in Commercials, can always transfer that to being good in a feature? If not, why not?
  6. What is the biggest creative difference for you, as a director, between working with actors on a feature film versus a commercial with dialogue?
  7. Have you ever had a notable “star name” actor actually ask you to have the non-star actor in the scene with them… “not be so good?” And if so, how did you handle it?
  8. An hour drama TV show is 48 minutes, and many feature films are about 96 minutes. That is twice as long, but features take far longer than twice as long to shoot… why?
  9. Do you try to work with an actor during their audition more to see what you can get from them or more to see if they can take direction?
  10. If an actor has to get to a certain emotional level during their single close up coverage and they canít get there, how do you handle it?

About the Guru

Allen Martinez recently completed his latest effort, a new feature film teaser “Bits and Pieces”, which is a dark sci-fi piece dealing with health care in the near future. Martinez’ political thriller “Intelligence” starring Milo Ventimiglia (NBC’s: Heroes, Rocky Balboa) won 6 awards. Early in his career, executive producer Lawrence Bender (An Inconvenient Truth, Good Will Hunting, Inglorious Basterds) gave Martinez a start by hiring him to direct commercials through Quentin Tarantino’s company: A Band Apart. Since then, Allen has been directing national campaigns for corporate giants such as: Coca-Cola, In-Bev, Subway, BlockBuster, AT&T, Anheuser-Busch, Hilton Hotels, Burger King, Univision, Yamaha, Miller Lite, Proctor & Gamble, McDonald’s, Heineken, Orbitz, Wrigley’s and others! Allen was selected by celebrities Matt Damon and Ben Affleck to be a top 10 finalist for Project Greenlight 2 on HBO. He has was won ACIP awards and a Clio award. You can keep up with Allen’s career on his website