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Bill Kravitz


Bill Kravitz is a manager with Rough Diamond Management and Productions and also a successful producer and casting director.


  1. Truthfully Bill, if I put (5) actor demo reels down in front of you and asked you to watch them all and each were between 2 and 5 minutes long… how long would you need to watch before you drew a conclusion about them?
  2. How often do you have your non-star clients shoot new pictures, and what is the time length difference for most women versus men?
  3. Do you actually watch film/tv and look for people in really small roles that you think you could “go get” and really do something with, or do your new clients really just get referred to you?
  4. Perhaps you’ve heard, over the many years you’ve been a manager, that there are managers both in LA and other parts of the country who “charge their clients” up front money for “consultation services… wink wink.” What would you say to the parents of this country who have kids who get this approach from a manager?
  5. Did you create your client list purely from the love of their talent, purely from the marketability of a diverse set of types… and exact mix… or if not, which side wins talent or marketability?
  6. Do you live by what comes out listed on the Breakdowns, in terms of your submissions or pitches, and if not then how else do you pursue work for your clients?
  7. Do you think it is common for Managers to ask their clients to sign a “Check Authorization” form, or if the client has no agent, do they just write you a check with a copy of the master pay stub… after they receive it?
  8. What type of contract do you work with at your company, how did you create that language, and do you always offer an “out clause” for your clients?
  9. So you take commission on commercials and your client is “Across the Board” with an agency and you want to move them elsewhere Theatrically but stay there Commercially… how the heck do you manage that move?
  10. Have you ever truly burned a professional bridge with a casting director, in defense of one of your clients? What about an agent? And I mean torched.

About the Guru

Bill Kravitz, born in Cleveland, began by studying film and media at University of Toledo, then at UCLA. After moving to LA, Bill’s career began at the box office tracking firm Exhibitor Relations Co. There he compiled box office grosses and release schedules from all the major studios. Following that he began working at UTA in ’98 where he quickly moved from the training program to the talent dept., and worked daily with actors such as Jack Black, Jason Lee and Jason Schwartzman. After 3 yrs. at UTA, Bill joined Rough Diamond Management and Productions. Here, as a manager he has developed a list of upcoming and well known actors including Janel Parrish (Pretty Little Liars), Shayna Rose (The Fresh Breat Band), and Taylor Dooley (Shark Boy and Lava Girl). One of Bill’s greatest accomplishments was putting former unknown Josh Holloway on the show Lost in 2004. In his over 7 years at Rough Diamond, Bill has built a strong stable of actors to manage at the same time found success as a producer and CD having been a co-producer on the films SENIOR SKIP DAY starring Lea Thompson, Tara Reid, Larry Miller and Norm Macdonald. Released to DVD on May 2008, and STEPHEN KING’SRIDING THE BULLET, starring Erika Christensen and David Arquette. Bill is also an Associate Producer on the upcoming faith based film THE LEAST AMONG YOU starring Lou Gossett, Jr. and Lauren Holly. Bill has helped cast and package over 20 Indy films including STANDER starring Thomas Jane, and the upcoming THE BREED starring Michelle Rodriguez, Taryn Manning, and Oliver Hudson.