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Phil Brock


Phil Brock opened his own talent management firm, the Studio Talent Group on February 1, 1995.


  1. If a client has an agent, how does the team make final decisions, on new headshots?
  2. Do you believe that Managers should “work with or coach” their clients on audition material? Have you?
  3. Have you ever dropped a client because of their agent, and if yes, why?
  4. Do you have a specific way that clients need to communicate with you in terms of the type of communication and/or the time of day?
  5. As of 2010 what is the most inaccurate perception of a Los Angeles talent manager?
  6. What can a manager do for a client, regarding Commercials, other than to try and create some agency meetings?
  7. If you’re a Manager, why does your company choose to maintain a State Agency’s license when it isn’t required?
  8. How much input do you want regarding a client’s demo reel editing process?
  9. If a client comes to you with an agent, and you take them on as a management client, then how do you set the working protocol as a team with their agent?
  10. What would you like all of your acting clients to have as their professional goal?

About the Guru

Phil Brock opened his own talent management firm, the Studio Talent Groupon February 1, 1995. Today STG has numerous clients whose professional success has flourished under the guidance of Mr. Brock, from names such as Richard Moll (NIGHT COURT), Charlene Tilton (DALLAS), Pat Harrington (ONE DAY AT A TIME), Irwin Keyes (INTOLERABLE CRUELTY) and Brett Stimely (WATCHMEN, TRANSFORMERS 3) to young talent with star quality like Kelly Huddleston who came to STG out of college and recently had great roles in DEXTER and MADMEN). STG, which is also licensed by the state as a talent agency, was recently voted one of the top five management firms in the country. Mr. Brock received his BA from UCLA, and his Masters in Education and teaching credential from LMU. Before becoming a Manager, Phil has parlayed his stage presence and public speaking skills into a successful career as an actor, building an impressive resume of television, film and theatre appearances. He is a proud member of SAG, AFTRA, AEA and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. He remains in high demand as a speaker on the entertainment industry at universities and dramatic academies throughout the US. He is an ex-director of the Talent Managers Association (TMA). A framed John Wooden Pyramid of Success hangs in the front office of the Studio Talent Group. Phil and his staff believe that to win in the unpredictable entertainment industry one needs to follow Coach Wooden’s advice: “Be certain at the end of each day that you did everything that you could to achieve your best.”