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Matt Taylor


Matt Taylor joined DDO Artists Agency in 2007 and has been working as one of the department heads in the Adult Commercials Department.


  1. In seeing and watching commercials with all of the tools at our disposal, have you ever tried to hunt down an actor to create a potential meeting? If not, why not?
  2. With the digital casting age having reached the point of no return you spend your days looking at thumbnails of all your clients… so do the folks from A – M get a lot more attention than the N – Z clients do because you’re “tired by then.”
  3. Do you get at least (1) client in for every single commercial that your agency submits on? If not, what can you… or what do you… attempt to do about it as an agent?
  4. If you have a particular casting office sort of stonewalling you regularly or on a particular commercial you feel strongly about… how do you handle it? Would you ever ask a fellow agent who knows the casting person to intervene?
  5. You currently work with Marlene Sutton, who is a long time veteran, so if she left the agency how would you handle clients who were concerned with “who’s next” and their fear
  6. Getting copies of a client’s commercial on a DVD, becomes your job… right? 🙂 Well, if not, then what is your suggestion to your client?
  7. What would be the (2) main professional issues that you would always make time to talk in person with a client about?
  8. Do you have any restrictions on dating clients, does your company, and in all honesty people are people so what is the big deal?
  9. If I created a Commercial agent test when it comes to knowing our union contracts, inside and out, what grade do you think you would get … and how do you think a lot of Managers who take commission on commercials from the clients would do on it?
  10. Have you ever had an actor you’re meeting with, or just talking with out and about somewhere, start bad mouthing someone in the industry… and you KNOW that person? If so, how did you handle that and what is your personal policy on “loose lips” for yourself?

About the Guru

Matt Taylor, originally from Northern CA, has been working in the entertainment industry since 2003. He originally received his start at ACME Talent and Literary in 2003 and, starting as an assistant, spent the next three years progressing up the ladder, finishing as an agent. Feeling the need for growth, he made the transition to DDO Artists Agency in 2007 and has been working as one of the dept. heads in the Adult Commercials Dept. He remembers thinking that while he wasn’t much of a dancer his three friends were really good break-dancers on the playground. He sort of fell into this natural mode of drawing a crowd to them to watch. From a tip jars to using a megaphone, he found real joy in sort of “repping them” to be watched. Doing it as a professional representative, his clients have had much success in major campaigns including one who plays Ranjit in the Metro PCS Spots, another who is one of the new characters in the new Verizon Campaign and countless others. DDO books 100s of National Network commercials a year and he can guarantee that when watching commercials for any major sporting or television event, you can be sure to see one if not many DDO clients.